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IQCare Version 3.6

IQCare is a robust electronic medical records (EMR) package. It has been deployed in over 100 locations in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. IQCare is flexible and scalable with features to create multiple departments and forms; set up facility and patient home page reports and queries. Field and form configuration is done using an MS Windows front end while clinicians see patient information and enter data using a browser front end. The software can be deployed in a LAN or WAN environment. Click here for a fact sheet.

Minimum hardware and software requirements: Microsoft XP Professional SP3 or above, Windows 7 or Windows 8 Professional ; 32 or 64 bit machine; 1 GB or greater of RAM.

 Version 3.6 was released January 23, 2015; Last update patch March 24, 2015

 3.6 features added to V3.5 plus cumulative patch up to 3.5.8

  •  Data reconstruction: toggle to turn on and off date constraints
  • Service area: forms created for one service area can be shared across multiple service areas and data is saved in the same table fields
  • Form versioning: ability to version the hardcopy and electronic/form builder form
  • Reports: new direct link to open IQTools within IQCare with a list of reports that are configured in IQTools and now accessible in IQCare
  • Laboratory: GeneXpert cascade and viral mutations added as new lab
  • Laboratory: ability to create lab groups / panels that can be selected and each individual lab displayed in the lab results form
  • Security: Enhanced user profile form
  • Security: Enhanced user group administration form to configure security groups by facility
  • Security: Ability or user level control at the record/tab level
  • Security: Changes the encryption strategy to meet the SA MoH's requirements
  • Facility home page: use of service area tile set up in the facility home page for greater ease of use
  • Patient home page: fly out with pharmacy and lab data
  • Appointments: Service is now captured when creating an appointment
  • SCM: Syrups in SCM
  • SCM: Purchase requisition display grid - remove purchase unit and unit quantity
  • SQL 2008 to SQL 2012 migration/update

 3.5 Features Added to V3.4 (released March 22, 2013; Last update patch April 18, 2013)

  • Updated user interface to work with IE and Chrome browsers
  • Page redirect to login after 60 minutes
  • Patient re-enrollment date
  • Form builder control enhancements
  • Print prescription in the pharmacy form and dispensing window
  • Split out purchase order to include counter requisition and Issue voucher
  • Added the ability to create a bulk store
  • Updated user guide with SCM information
  • IQCare Auto Update Tool

    • This tool works in an online or offline/local mode to check you local installation and update to the version you would like to run.
    • See IQCare CodePlex download pages for version V3.4 and up to download this tool, the associated XML file and instructions.

3.4 Features Added to V3.3

  • Dispensing window and pharmacy form updates
  • Kenya HIV Care Card (Moving from dynamic to static form set)
  • Patient Home Page - patient summary
  • Tabbed Form - Form builder control
  • Mapping helper tool for moving existing forms into a tabbed format
  • SCM High Priority Enhancements
  • Facility reports – Program management dashboard changes

3.3 Features Added to V3.2 (Available as of September 1, 2012)

  • Kenya MOH registers - including HCT, PEP, MCH, HEI, HIV Care/ART, Cervical Cancer, HTC
  • ICD10 form builder feature – disease and symptoms can now be mapped to ICD10 codes
  • Form builder grid control
  • SCM enhancements
  • SCM defect fixes

3.2 Features Added to V3.1

  • Uganda HIV Care Card (static form)
  • Configurable Registration form
  • Drug dispensing
  • Inventory management
  • Patient level activity based costing

3.1 Features Include

  • Form builder with configurable display and data validation business rules
  • Flexible patient numbering configuration
  • Pharmacy and lab order forms
  • Extensive and configurable lab test list
  • Extensive and configurable drug list with generic and trade name options
  • Linkage between mother and child for maternity departments
  • Configurable facility home page statistics by department
  • Configurable patient home page statistics
  • Main hospital and satellite linkage and patient transfer options
  • Feature based access control
  • Automated database back up
  • De-identified database back up

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